Hands-On Lab and discussions on IP-SAN

  • iSCSI Initiator Lab
  • Installing iSCSI initiator on Linux system
  • iSCSI initiator naming and configuration settings
  • Discovering iSCSI devices on the network
  • Using CHAP authentication, username & password
  • Partitioning of SCSI disks (iSCSI) detected on Linux
  • Creation of filesystems on SCSI disk
  • Mounting of filesystem and creating files on them
  • start/stop/restart/status options for iSCSI initiator services
  • Issues with automatic start of iSCSI initiator and solutions thereof
  • iSCSI Target Lab
  • Installing iSCSI target on Linux system
  • Configuring iSCSI target to restricted initiators
  • Configuring iSCSI target to restricted network access
  • Creation of multiple iSCSI targets with LUNs
  • Creation of storage devices on Linux system for iSCSI LUNs
  • start/stop/restart/status options for iSCSI target services
  • Advanced options for iSCSI
  • Multipath to the same iSCSI Target
  • Issues with multiple device detection and solutions thereof

Hands-On Lab and discussions on RAID

  • Creation of RAID1 device using 2 Luns
  • Creation of RAID5 device using 3 Luns
  • Checking detailed status of RAID1 and RAID5 Luns
  • Creation of filesystems on the RAID1 and RAID5 Luns
  • Write Data to these filesystems
  • Corruption/Failure of one of the Luns in RAID1/RAID5
  • Check for RAID to be in degraded mode
  • Check for Filesystem I/O – No impact even after disk failure
  • Addition of Spares to the RAID device
  • Rebuilding of RAID
  • Addition of a hot spare to RAID
  • Failure of one disk again and automatic rebuilding by RAID
  • Growing a RAID device
  • Destroying a RAID device

Hands-On Lab and discussions on Volume Manager

  • Creation of Physical Volumes on disk devices
  • Assignment of Physical Volumes to a Volume Group
  • Check status of Physical Volumes and Volume Group
  • Creation of Logical Volumes and Checking status
  • Renaming Volume Groups and Logical Volumes
  • Creation of Logical Volme with various stripe sizes
  • Creation of Logical Volumes with Mirroring
  • Creation & Mounting of File system on the volume
  • Corruption/Failure of a Physical Volume in the Logical Volume
  • Converting a Logical Volume to Mirrored volume
  • Extending a Logical Volume
  • Reducing a Logical Volume
  • Removing Logical & Physical Volumes and Volume Groups

Hands-On Lab and discussions on File-systems

  • Creation of Filesystems
  • Checking filesystem parameters
  • Resizing of Filesystem
  • Issues during resizing and solutions thereof

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