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MODULE#1 –Storage fundamentals
• Introduction to information storage
• Data center environment
• Intelligent Storage Systems & components of storage system
• Raid concepts
• Storage Protocols and Topologies
• Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
• Network Attached Storage (NAS)
• Storage Area Network (SAN)
• Difference between SAN & NAS
• Architecture of a storage subsystem
• Storage management software
• Multipathing software
• Storage virtualization & Storage tiring
• Introduction to business continuity management
• Backup and archive
• Local replication and remote replication
• Securing and managing storage infrastructureMODULE#2 –Understanding FC Layer
• FC SAN & IP SAN Technologies
• Introduction to Fiber Chanel
• FC layers & Fabric Port Types
• Fiber Connectors, Cables & FC Well-Known Addresses
• FC Topologies & Terminology

MODULE#3 –Multipathing
• PowerPath Architecture and Theory
• PowerPath Configuration
• Multipathing in AIX
• Multipathing in HP-UX
• Multipathing in Solaris
• Multipathing in Linux
• Multipathing in Windows
• Multipathing in ESXi

MODULE#4 –Brocade & CISCO switch management
• Introduction to brocade and CISCO switches and various models
• Installation of new switches
• Switch firmware upgrade
• User account management
• Fabric-wide settings & local switch settings
• Zoning & types of Zoning (Port Zoning and WWN Zoning)
• Creating device alias
• Device and fabric manger management
• Generating reports
• Monitoring switch logs
• Back up the switch configuration and restore
• Inter Switch Linking (ISL) and Trucking

MODULE#5 –Introduction to IBM XIV
• Chapter IBM XIV Storage System overview Introduction
• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO
• System models and components
• Key design features
• Massive parallelism
• Workload balancing
• Self-healing
• True virtualization & Thin provisioning
• Processing power
• The XIV Storage System software
• IBM XIV Storage Management Tools
• IBM XIV Storage Management GUI
• IBM XIV Storage Management online monitoring with XIV Top
• IBM XIV Storage Management XCLI

MODULE#6 –IBM XIV logical architecture and concepts
• Architecture overview & Features
• Hardware elements
• Hardware parallelism and grid architecture
• Software parallelism
• Full storage virtualization
• IBM XIV Storage System virtualization design
• Logical system concepts
• System usable capacity
• Storage pool concepts
• Capacity allocation and thin provisioning
• Reliability, availability, and serviceability
• Resilient architecture
• Rebuild and redistribution
• Minimized exposure

MODULE#7 –IBM XIV physical architecture, components, and planning
• Understanding XIV Storage System: Architecture, Implementation, and Usage
• IBM XIV Storage System models 280-A4 &282-A4
• Fully & partially populated configurations
• IBM XIV hardware components
• Rack and UPS modules
• Data Modules and Interface Modules
• SATA disk drives
• Patch panel
• Interconnection and switches
• Support hardware
• Hardware planning overview
• Physical site planning
• Basic configuration planning
• IBM XIV physical installation
• System power-on and power-offMODULE#8 –Configurations
• IBM XIV Storage Management software
• XIV Storage Management user interfaces
• XIV Storage Management software installation
• Managing the IBM XIV Storage System
• The XIV Storage Management GUI
• Logging on to the system with XCLI
• Storage pools & Function of storage pools
• Managing storage pools with the XIV GUI
• Managing storage pools with XCLI
• Managing volumes with the XIV GUI
• Managing volumes with XCLI
• Host definition and mappings
• Assigning LUNs to a host using the GUI
• Assigning LUNs to a host using the XCLI

MODULE#9 –Security
• Understanding security
• Physical access security
• Native user authentication
• XIV local credential repository
• Managing user accounts with XIV GUI
• Managing user accounts using XCLI
• Password management and resets
• Managing multiple systems
• LDAP managed user authentication
• Introduction to LDAP
• LDAP directory components
• LDAP product selection
• LDAP login process overview
• LDAP role mapping
• Defining LDAP on the XIV system
• Using the XIV GUI & CLI directly to configure LDAP Managing LDAP user accounts
• Managing user groups using XCLI in LDAP authentication mode
• Configuring XIV to use LDAP over SSL
• Maintaining the SSL certificate
• XIV audit event logging
• Viewing events in the XIV GUI
• Viewing events in the XCLI
• Defining notification rules

MODULE#10 –Performance characteristics
• Performance concepts
• Full disk resource utilization
• Caching mechanisms
• Data mirroring
• Snapshots
• Best practices
• Distribution of connectivity
• Host configuration considerations
• XIV sizing validation

MODULE#11 –Monitoring
• System monitoring
• Monitoring with the GUI
• Monitoring with XCLI
• Performance monitoring
• Using the GUI
• Using XIVTop
• Using the XCLI
• XIV event notification
• Configuring the XIV system
• SNMP-based monitoring
• Custom Monitoring
• Custom monitoring of a volume
• Custom monitoring of performance attributes
• Call Home and Remote support

MODULE#12 –IBM XIV Troubleshooting
• Understanding the various issues related to XIV
• Understanding hardware issues
• Understanding software issues
• Replacing various faulty hardware components
• Upgrading various kernels and micro code to fix the issues