Shell Scripting

MODULE#1 :Introduction to OS and Shell
• Introduction to Operating system
• Types of operating systems
• Difference between win and Unix
• Understanding server and clients
• Introduction to Unix operating system
• Advantages flavors of Unix Operating system
• Feature of Unix Operating system
• Getting help from Unix
• Introduction to files and directories in Unix/Linux
• Creating/deleting/copying/renaming files
• Creating/deleting/copying/renaming directories
• Creating empty/size/hidden files
• Understanding hard link and soft link files
• Relative vs Absolute Paths
• Understanding Filters and wildcards
• Combining Programs – Pipes and Filters
• Difference between process and daemons
• Monitoring process and operate the process
• Changing process priority, Killing Processes etc…
• Standard Output & Input
• Understanding filters
• Searching for Text in Files
• Standard Error & Process Control
• Understanding, Configuring and Starting vi
• Manipulating Files in vi & Moving Around Vi
• Types of shells
• How shell starts
• Shells functions
• Setting environment variables through shell

MODULE#2 :Writing first script
• Echo and read command
• Writing script & executing basic script
• Debugging script
• Making interactive scripts
• Working with parameters and passing parameters to script
• Error re-directions

MODULE#3 :Running a Shell Script
• Running a Script on the Command-line
• Running a Script from within vi
• Your PATH and bin
• Script Interpreters
• Running various programs through shell script

MODULE#4: Redirections
• Understanding redirections
• stderr to file
• stdout to stderr
• stderr to stdout
• stderr and stdout to file

MODULE#5 :Conditional statements & Operators
• If-else-elif
• test command
• Logical operators-AND,OR,NOT
• Case –esac
• Various examples on above conditional statements

MODULE#6 :Loops
• While, For and Until
• Break & continue
• Command line arguments
• Positional parameters

MODULE#7 :Providing command line options
• Providing command line options to scripts
• Shell & subshells
• Exporting variables

MODULE#8 :Functions & file manipulations
• Processing file line by line
• Functions
• Understanding sed and awk
• Managing the files by using SED & AWK programming

MODULE#9 :Managing processes through shell script
• Introduction to processes and jobs
• Background processes
• Scheduling processes -At, batch & Cron by using shell script

MODULE#10 :Real time examples
• System related Examples
• Database related examples
• Testing related examples
• Monitoring related examples
• Schedule the backups through shell scripting
• Setting the alerts for cpu & memory usage
• Executing some other programs with shell