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MODULE#1- Introduction to Tivoli Storage Manager
• Introduction to Backup/Restore
• IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
• TSM platform support
• TSM Server components
• Archive/Restore – Long Term Storage Functionality
• Tivoli Storage Manager Products
• Installing Tivoli Storage Manager on Linux
• Prerequisites Required by the ITSM Server
• Basic Components Installed by IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
• Install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager License on AIX
• Registering and Querying Licenses from the Command Line
• Understanding various backup types
• Backup/Archive Client Prerequisites
• Backup archive client Installation StepsMODULE#2 –Installation and configuration of TSM
• Understanding the Installation and requirements of TSM Server
• TSM Installation and Configuration Steps
• Backup-Archive Client Installation and Configuration Steps
• Operations Center Installation and Configuration Steps
• Steps to do after installing and configuring TSM Server
• Configuring startup scripts for TSM to start the TSM Application with server

MODULE#3 –Client configuration
• Installation and configuration of TSM client software in various Operating systems
• Introduction
• Identify the types of Clients
• Using the command line
• Using the web client
• Using GUI
• Administrative Control of Access
• Configuring Client Access to Server
• Define include/exclude option
• Include/exclude processing
• Configuration Open file support and Image backup in windows server

MODULE#4 –Install and configure Tape Library attached to the TSM Server
• Introduction
• Objective
• Install and Configure Tape Library Attached to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server
• Prepare Tape Cartridges for Use in an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Tape Library
• Checking in Volumes
• Create Scratch Tapes by Using the LABEL LIBV Command
• Checking Out Volumes
• Auditing a Library
• Managing Storage Pools and Storage Pool Volumes

MODULE#5 –Scheduler
• Introduction
• Objectives
• Overview of Schedules
• Central Scheduling Mode – Client Polling
• Central Schedule Mode – Server Prompted
• Selecting Schedule Methods
• Additional Scheduling options
• Additional Client Polling Options
• Additional Server Prompted Options
• Identify Tasks/Actions that can be scheduled for Clients
• Consistent Client Return Codes
• Managing Client/Server MODULE#s
• Defining Schedules
• Define the schedule using Command Line
• Schedule Example
• Define Association using Command Line

MODULE#6 –Policy Management
• Introduction
• Objectives
• Policy Management
• Policy Specification
• Copy Group Attributes
• Policy set
• Command line to define policy set
• Validating a policy set
• Management class
• How are files bound to management class

MODULE#7 –Managing storage pools and pool
• Introduction
• Storage Pools, Storage Pool Hierarchies & Storage Pool Volumes
• Storage Pool Hierarchies
• Device Classes
• Device Class and Storage Pool
• Defining Storage pools
• Update / query storage pools
• Defining storage pool volumes
• Deleting Storage Pools and Volumes
• Automatic Data Movement
• Storage Pool Migration
• Reclamation
• Collocation

MODULE#8 –Database and Recovery Logs
• Introduction
• Database and Recovery Log
• Transactions
• Recovery Log Transaction Modes
• Normal Mode
• Roll Forward Mode
• Space Allocation
• Database and Recovery Log Space
• Estimating the size of the database
• Cached and copy Storage pool sizes
• Overhead
• Estimating the Size of the Recovery Log
• Reducing the Database and Recovery Log Space

MODULE#9 –Backup-Archive Client Functions
• Introduction
• Types of Backups Available from the GUI
• Incremental (Complete) and Journal-based Backup
• Journal-based Backup
• Incremental by date (only)
• Incremental (without journal)
• Always backup selective
• Snapshot image backup
• Restore operation
• Point-in-time restore
• Archive Process

MODULE#10 –Monitoring and Logging Events
• Understanding various monitoring parameters
• Monitoring and Logging Events
• Client Message Candidates
• Client Event Formatting & Message Formatting
• Client Event Processing

MODULE#11 –Enabling Client Events for the
Storage Manager Console
• Storing Clients in the Activity Log
• Querying Client Events in the Activity Log

MODULE#12 –Backup the database
• Introduction
• Objectives
• Backing up the database
• Full Backup versus Incremental Backup
• Database (out-of-band) snapshot Backup
• Database Backup Command
• Database Backup Related Commands

MODULE#13 –Users and security
• Creating, deleting users in TSM Server
• System privileges
• Storage privileges
• Unrestricted Storage Privileges
• Restricted Storage Privilege
• Policy Privileges
• Operator privilege
• Analyst privilege

MODULE#14 –IBM ProtecTIER basics
• Understanding IBM ProtecTIER
• Deduplication considerations
• Networking essentials
• Virtual Tape Library guidelines
• Configuring and managing ProtecTIER in TSM
• ProtecTIER File System Interface
• Introduction OpenStorage guidelines
Host attachment considerations for Virtual Tape Library
• Back-end storage subsystems
• Faulty disk and various hardware replacements from IBM ProtecTIER
• Setting up the call home facility with IBM for automate case raising with IBM