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MODULE#1 –Introduction to Veritas Netbackup
• Understanding the backup concepts
• Introducing Netbackup
• Introduction to data protection
• The Netbackup environment
• Netbackup conceptsMODULE#2 –Veritas Netbackup Installation
• Netbackup options and agents Installing
• Preparing for Netbackup installation and configuration
• Using the pre-installation utility
• Installing your Netbackup environment
• Installing Netbackup client software in various operating systems
• Verifying your Netbackup installation from the Command Line
• Understanding various backup types
• Backup/Archive Client Prerequisites
• Backup archive client Installation Steps

MODULE#3 –Using the Netbackup Administrative Interfaces
• The Netbackup Administration Console
• Enabling administrative access from media servers
• Understanding CLI to manage Netbackup
• Understanding reporting tool
• Netbackup OpsCenter

MODULE#4 –Configuring Tape Storage and Media
• Understanding various storage media
• Netbackup storage device concepts
• Configuring tape devices
• Netbackup media concepts
• Configuring media
• Verifying tape storage

MODULE#5 –Configuring Disk Storage
• Netbackup disk storage types
• Configuring basic Netbackup disk storage
• Configuring Advanced Disk
• Verifying disk storage

MODULE#6 –Configuring File System Backups
• Understanding the filesystem concepts
• Introduction to backup policies
• Configuring file system backup policies
• Viewing and editing a policy

MODULE#7 –Performing File System Backups and Restores
• Performing manual backup operations
• Performing restore operations using the Java BAR interface
• Performing restore operations using the Windows BAR interface
• Performing restore operations using OpsCenter Operational Restore
• Backup and restore job-related tipsMODULE#8 –Protecting Backup Data
• Backup duplication concepts
• Storage Lifecycle Policies concepts
• Using storage lifecycle policies

MODULE#9 –Protecting the Netbackup Configuration
• Introduction to Netbackup catalogs
• Managing images
• Performing catalog backup operations using the wizard
• Disaster recovery strategies & Catalog-related tips

MODULE#10 –Monitoring Netbackup
• Using and customizing the Netbackup Activity Monitor
• Reporting using the Netbackup Administration Console
• Reporting using Symantec OpsCenter
• Managing and Optimizing Tape Storage
• Managing robots and tape drives
• Monitoring media and media states
• Managing tapes, Media- and device-related tips

MODULE#11 –Managing and Optimizing Disk Storage
• Comparing disk storage features
• Managing basic disk and DSSU
• Managing Advanced Disk and disk pools
• Additional Netbackup Storage concepts

MODULE#12 –Optimizing File System Backups
• File system backup challenges
• Using incremental backups
• Introduction to file system snapshots
• Using multiple data streams
• Optimizing tape drive performance using multiplexing
• Using synthetic backups
• Using Flash Backup