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MODULE#1 –Veritas Volume Manager Concepts
• Understanding volume manager
• Over view of VERITAS volume manager
• Difference between SVM and Volume Manager
• Functionality and Architecture of Volume ManagerMODULE#2 –Installation of Veritas Volume Manager
• Overview and requirements of Veritas volume Manager
• Installation, Up gradation and uninstall of Veritas Volume Manager
• Starting and stopping Volume Manager
• Changing OS disk into Veritas Volume Manager
• Installation and up gradation of license

MODULE#3 –Managing Configuration files
• Understanding the Veritas configuration files
• Creating and troubleshooting Volboot files
• Managing default configuration files
• Managing exclude and include disks files
• Understanding loggings and configuring loggings

MODULE#4 –Managing Daemons
• Understanding various Daemons
• Managing configuration database
• Configuring, start and stop daemons

MODULE#5 –Disk Operations
• Understanding disk operations in Veritas
• Disk initialization and encapsulation concepts
• Veritas disk backup and Un initialization of disk
• Faulty disk replacement in Veritas control
• Understanding private and public region

MODULE#6 –Disk group Operations
• Understanding disk group operation
• Creating, deleting and modifying disk group
• Deport, import and renaming disk group
• Managing spare and reserve disk
• Adding deleting disk for existing disk group
• Deleting disk for existing disk group

MODULE#7 –Subdisk Operations
• Understanding subdisk operations
• Create, delete, attach and detach subdisk to plex
• Splitting, joining and removing subdisk
• Operations on subdisk

MODULE#8 –Plex Operation
• Understanding plex operations
• Understanding plex states
• Creating, modifying and delete Plex from volume
• Associating, Disassociating plex into volume
• Moving plexesMODULE#9 –Volume Operation
• Understanding Volume operations
• Understanding various RAID Levels and volumes
• Creating, deleting and modifying volumes
• Starting and stopping Volumes
• Understanding various volume states
• Increasing and decreasing Volumes
• Mirroring and breaking volumes
• Configuring volumes with different read policy
• Configuring, breaking and troubleshooting root disk mirroring

MODULE#9 –Managing Veritas File System
• Creating a File System
• Mounting a File System
• Unmounting a File System
• Displaying information on Mounted File System
• How to extend the FS using fsadm command
• How to shrink a FS
• How to Reorganize a FS
• How to create and Mount a Snapshot File System
• How to Backup a File System
• How to Restore a file system

MODULE#10 –Volume manager troubleshooting
• Understanding various issues in volume manager
• Disk Failure and Replacement
• Configuring Hot Relocation devices
• Troubleshooting import and deport issues
• Understanding the plex states and troubleshooting accordingly

MODULE#11 –SAN Concepts
• Understanding SAN Operations
• Configuring SAN into Unix server
• Getting LUN’s and updating drivers
• Managing www number and DMP
• Installing, Configuring and upgrading HBA cards
• Configuring and troubleshooting SNAP and BCV Volumes